Robbie Stamp

Robbie Stamp

International Advisory Council Member | Non-executive Director

Robbie Stamp is Chief Executive of Bioss International. He also sits on the British Standard Institute’s National Standing Committee on Artificial Intelligence and is currently working on ISO recommendations on Board Governance and AI. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, is in attendance at the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI and formally submitted evidence to the Lords Select Committee. He is a member of the APPG on Human Health and Longevity and a Senior Fellow at the Cambridge University Resilience and Sustainable Development Programme. He is on the International Advisory Board of the Past Foundation.

Prior to this, Robbie was Chairman and Chief Executive of The Digital Village, a media company founded with the late Douglas Adams, which pioneered social networks to create content on the internet. Robbie has co-authored three books, The Day War Broke Out, Trojan Horses and Top Guns and Toxic Whales. 

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