Another Democratic Future is Possible

DemocracyNext is a global platform for democratic innovation.

We believe in a more just, joyful, and collaborative future, where everyone has meaningful power to shape their societies. We work to shift who has power and how we take decisions in government and in institutions of daily life like workplaces, schools, and museums. 

Grounded in rigorous research and extensive practice in the field, we’re both a knowledge hub and action lab on Citizens’ Assemblies, deliberation, and sortition - the practice of selecting decision makers by lottery. We connect networks who share a goal of innovating democratic governance. 

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The current electoral paradigm:

The next democratic paradigm:

Six ways to democratise city planning - Enabling thriving and healthy cities

The DemocracyNext Assembling an Assembly Guide is live!

Our three-stage guide to accompany you through the different steps of designing, running, and acting on the results of a Citizens’ Assembly is available here! Dig in, and share widely. 


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