Josh Burgess

Josh Burgess

Oregon Program Lead

Josh Burgess is a social entrepreneur, impact investor, board director, and organizational leadership mentor to startups, governments, and non profits around the globe. Recently, he co-founded DemocracyNext's Central Oregon Civic Action Project, a public private partnership helping shape vibrant communities through deliberative democracy.  He’s the founder of Edge Effect Solutions, a consultancy providing strategic advisory services to C-suite executives in emerging tech, national security, and climate action. He serves as Board Vice President for REACT DC, a refugee resettlement non-profit, and as a mentor for military members transitioning to the private sector via the Special Operations Transition Foundation. He’s also an Entrepreneur in Residence at Columbia University’s Technology Ventures and a partner with The Zone, a global leadership advisory firm. Josh retired as a Colonel from the U.S. Air Force after a career as a special operations advisor, commander, and international affairs strategist. 

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