Elisa de los Reyes García

Elisa de los Reyes García

Co-founder and Partner at Pezestudio

Bilbao/Madrid, Spain

Elisa de los Reyes García and Maé Durant Vidal are co-founders of Pezestudio, an architecture team that has been carrying out sustainable architecture and urban design projects since 2006. They design spaces, processes and services in a participative way as tools for ecological, social and economic change.

They promote the minimisation of people’s impact on the environment, the development of more inclusive and gender-sensitive cities, the use of biological systems and natural materials, and the generation of collaboration contexts.

Their work has been developed in different institutions and programs such as the Venice Architecture Biennale, the MoMA in New York, the Shenzhen Architecture Biennale, Medialab-Prado and Intermediae Matadero Madrid. They have been awarded by Arquia Próxima Caja de Arquitectos de España, Europan, the Caribbean Architecture Biennial, the Santo Domingo Architecture Biennial or the Holcim Awards.

They are based in Bilbao and Madrid. They have co-founded and currently inhabit spaces and collaborative work networks such as Wikitoki Co-lab, Ucrania Cooperativa, Asociación Sannas, Bilbao Urban Cities and Design and Plataforma Zoohaus.

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