Diego Luna Quintanilla

Diego Luna Quintanilla

Senior Project Leader, BUUR Part of Sweco & Co-founder of Cakri asbl, Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium

Diego Luna Quintanilla is an architect, urban designer and strategic planner with great interest in inclusive design. Diego graduated from architecture in 2005 (Universidad Simon Bolivar, VE) and from the European Postgraduate Masters in Urbanism in 2011 (TU Delft, NL and IUAV, IT). Since then he has worked on urban projects in Belgium, Spain, Tunisia, Pakistan and Lithuania and on urban research projects in The Netherlands, Italy, China, Russia and Ecuador.

Diego joined BUUR (Part of Sweco) in 2011. As project leader he has worked on a wide range of urban revitalization projects, including project definition, feasibility studies, masterplans, planning tools and regional spatial visions. Since 2020 he coordinates BUUR’s transition program “Inclusive Neighbourhoods”. In 2023 Diego was appointed Group Expert Leader to co-develop the Resilient Societies theme for Urban Insight, Sweco Group’s international knowledge sharing platform.

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