Augaly S. Kiedi

Augaly S. Kiedi

Development Consultant

Augaly is a seasoned fundraiser with over 8 years of experience building strategic partnerships and mobilising resources to catalyse social impact initiatives. Leveraging her background in political science and international development, Augaly understands the dynamics of power and policy, recognising that real change stems from empowering individuals and communities to shape their own realities. At DemocracyNext, Augaly is combining her expertise and fervent belief in democratic engagement to ensure the organisation garners the necessary support to propel an ever-vital mission. Alongside her work with DemocracyNext, Augaly spearheads efforts at various organisations to identify and capitalise on philanthropic and investment prospects. She is especially experienced with supporting early startups, where she enjoys the thrill of helping innovative ideas take flight. She finds fulfillment in being a catalyst for the success of such ventures, knowing that their achievements contribute to the tapestry of global change and progress.

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