More-than-human governance

There is a growing network of people and places exploring and practising how governance and policy design can draw on more-than-human and planetary intelligences. We are conducting an exploratory research project to learn who is conducting new governance experiments in Europe to map the field, learn from best practices, and share these findings. 

Questions we are exploring:

  • Who is doing more-than-human governance practice in Europe? Or enquiring about it too?
  • Where is the work being applied into policy and governance? 
  • Who is doing what, where?
  • What is emerging in this field in Europe?
  • How can it be further supported?

We will be hosting a convening in June 2024 bringing together the cutting edge innovators in more-than-human governance and will share our research findings later this year. If you would like to find out more or share information about experiments you are involved in or know about, please contact Claudia Chwalisz at

This project is supported by Arising Quo.

Read more about More-than-human governance from Founder/CEO Claudia Chwalisz here.

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