Matt Abrams

Matt Abrams

Matt is a technologist, investor, advisor, board member, and outdoor adventurer who inspires startup founders and C-level executives to think bigger and bolder. His expertise and focus is centered on investing in, advising, and solving problems across our Information Ecosystems & Environments (Information Quality, Mis/Disinformation) and stems from a long career in Enterprise Data & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning, Information Quality & Integrity, Security, and Healthcare. He has spent 30 years in the technology industry working across various Government, Healthcare, Startups, Enterprises and Venture Capital Funds and organizations. He has served as a General Partner and Venture Partner at Venture Capital Funds and, as an Operator, has co-founded companies and led product teams, industry standards bodies, and engineers in companies ranging in size from 20 to over 100,000 employees.

Matt is the Co-Founder of and a Strategic Advisor to Graphite Health. He currently serves as Board Chair and a Board Member across several startups and as a Venture Partner at Atypical Ventures and TFX Capital.

Matt is on the board of Northwestern’s Master of Science in Analytics (MSiA) program and has been a guest lecturer at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management and Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering, where he holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. He is passionate about “leaving it better than he found it”, and when he’s not immersed in reading, working with entrepreneurs and innovators, or juggling two kids, you can find him traversing the backcountry mountains of Oregon in the US.

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